Customer Service

        Our perfect after-sales service network and professional after-sales service team guarantee you trouble free operation of machine!

        By establishing service centers in Jinan, Changsha, Chengdu, Shanxi, Hohhot, etc. around the country and taking various offices at the provincial level as radiant point, Shandong Mix Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has formed a nationwide service security system. At the same time, in order to protect the interests of the users, our company adopts rational price supply principle in accessories supply, offer users of Mix mixer tangible benefits.

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        Specialist in Construction Machinery Full Service

        ◆Our after-sales service center will sign a Long Term Agreement on Mix Mixer After-sales Service with you.
        ◆The professionals of after-sales service center will pay a regular visit to users to provide them with free training, maintenance and on-site test of mixers and offer corresponding improvement suggestion.
        ◆For the convenience of customers, our company adopts a low price supply principle in the sales of wearing parts, to ensure customers accessible to quality spare parts.
        In the tenet of “Quality First, Reputation Supreme”, our company does its utmost to provide users with quality products and service.
        In order to keep complete product structure and ensure the safe and order running of your mixer, the company strives to make users accessible to our original accessories. If the user uses spare parts or wearing parts of other brands or tears open outfit without permission, which cause the damage to the body or other accidents, the company is not responsible for the maintenance of these kinds of products. Thereupon, the quality warranty of five year to reducer and one year to the complete machine will be invalid.
        Service Commitment
        ◆We offer free repair for problems caused by production quality within one year of delivery.
        ◆Provide users with free operation and maintenance training regularly.
        ◆Provide lifelong maintenance and spare parts.
        ◆Establish complete customer archives and provide long term track service.
        ◆Reply your hot line call within 30 minutes with treatment scheme.
        ◆Clear general failure within 3 hours.
        ◆To those problems which can’t be solved in a call, we will assign technicians to the site within 36 hours (in 2,000km), or within 48 hours (in 3,000km).
        ◆In case of shut down, our after-sales service personnel will take service part to the site as soon as possible (in 24 hours, wherever the site is in China).
        ◆Establish 400 Call Center, let customers feel the superior service of Mix.
        Wherever you are, forever Mix provides service to you!

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