24 square24 square dust filter on the top of cement silo

The 24 square silo top dust remover (pulse type / vibration type) is the best choice for dust removal equipment of cement silo and powder silo.

Applicable working conditions
  • Mixing station project
  • Sand production line project
24 square
  • Technical features
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Technical features

It is convenient to install and maintain, and has a high cost performance. It adopts pulse-controlled high-pressure back injection or intermittent vibration removal, which can remove dust attached to the filter element in time and effectively.

Ensure that the filter element is always in the best condition of air openness (customer chooses as needed)

equipment parameters
Dust   removal area(㎡)Dust removal capacity(㎡/h)Number of filter elements(Piece)Filtration efficiencyCylinder colorWeightControl voltageGas storage capacityStorage air pressure(bar)Clean up methodVibration motor power(w)Clean up method
2415001299.90%Stainless steel, carbon steel108kg220v6L5.5-6.6Pulse pulse control high-pressure reverse injection180Intermittent vibration
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