JCJC centralized dust collector

The JC centralized dust collector newly developed and produced by the company can save 70000-100000 yuan of cement for each concrete mixing plant every year

Applicable working conditions
  • Commercial concrete mixing station
  • Engineering Station
  • Prefabricated parts manufacturer
  • Technical features
  • Equipment parameters
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Technical features

Province: Each year, you can save 7 to 10 thousand to 10 thousand yuan of cement for each coagulator mixing station.
Net: There is no need for pre-dust removal, disposable treatment of soot with a concentration of up to 1000mg/m, and the emission is less than 50mg/m;
Convenience: Embedded elastic bag mouth, good sealing performance, convenient bag change; easy to realise isolation and maintenance.
Fast: The number of back-blowing pulse valves is small, the strength of dust removal is large, and the action is fast;
Intelligence: The whole machine adopts microcomputer automatic control, and each parameter is easy to adjust, which can realise automatic operation;
Length: The service life of the filter bag is more than two years;

equipment parameters
Dust removal area(㎡)1624304050
Number of dust removal belts2436484864
Dust removal belt height(m)
Filter bag array method4*66x66x86x88x8
Handling air volume(m³/h)900-11001200-18001900-29002300-35002800-4300
Fan power(kw)
Dimensions(mm)1700*850*20002000*1210*20002500*1210*2000         2500*1210*25002500*1550*2500
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