Air troughWind through conveyor

The air trough conveyor produced by our company adopts a new air permeable layer, high-quality cotton yarn and heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant chemical synthetic fiber. It has good air permeability, heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, uniform and stable air flow. It is woven on special equipment according to specific requirements, and its technical performance and product quality have reached the advanced level of similar products in the world.

Applicable working conditions
  • Building materials
  • Metallurgy
  • Chemical industry
Air trough
  • Technical features
  • Equipment parameters
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Technical features

1. Direct transportation of bulk materials, no need for packaging, high operating efficiency, large transportation volume;
2. The equipment structure is simple, covering a small area, no rotating parts in the main part, light weight, long service life, and a large reduction in maintenance costs;
• With fewer operators, all automatic remote control management can be realised at a low cost.
3. The conveyor pipeline can be arranged flexibly to rationalise the equipment configuration of the factory;
4. It can not only ensure that the conveying materials are not damp or defaced, but also reduce dust flying and improve environmental sanitation;
5. During transportation, the materials can be mixed at the same time, dried, heated or cooled in stages;
6. It can conveniently realise the transportation of various ground types such as centralisation, decentralisation, large height and long distance.

equipment parameters
ModelLengthConveying angleThroughput
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