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Donation | love donation of computer, love warm Fuzhuangwan primary school

On August 12, Shandong Mix Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., together with the railway infrastructure construction chamber of Commerce, assisted the donation ceremony of rural education in Fuzhuang wanxiao. The chamber of Commerce donated 40 computers to Fuzhuang wanxiao. At the donation ceremony, Liang Jimin, chairman of SDMIX and President of the railway chamber of Commerce said that while enterprises develop, it is their social responsibility and obligation to provide equipment for schools, help education and do something real for education.

"Thank Shandong railway infrastructure construction chamber of Commerce for donating these computers. We will make good use of these materials and cultivate better students for the society." President of school Sun Xueqian presented a banner to the chamber of Commerce and said that all teachers and students will be self-improvement and self-confidence, and will turn this love into a driving force to work hard, study hard and repay the society with practical actions.


The "settling down" of the new computer will enable students to experience the novelty brought by distance education and facilitate students to learn more extensive knowledge.

       While seeking self-development and creating economic benefits, Shandong railway infrastructure construction chamber of Commerce never forgets to repay the society, actively fulfill social responsibilities, participate in social public welfare undertakings and make love donations. It interprets the rich connotation of a responsible chamber of commerce with practical actions and has won wide praise from all walks of life.

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