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[SDMIX Love donation] Care about the next generation and help the school prepare for school

Walk with love and care for the next generation
——SDMIX helps the epidemic prevention and control of education system in Qihe Economic Development Zone
In this battle against COVID-19,  many caring enterprises and social kind people have helped and actively responded. In the face of the epidemic situation, SDMIX Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. strictly implements various requirements, does a good job in the company's prevention and control, takes the initiative, gives love, and makes a modest contribution to the society.

To help schools fight novel COVID-19, we further ensure the prevention and control of epidemic situation after school starts, protect the health protection and life safety of teachers and students, and ensure the normal and orderly development of education and teaching activities. SDMIX  has customized a batch of infrared thermometers at its own expense of 200000 yuan and donated them to Qihe economic development zone.  To ensure that the urgent task of school resumption is solved.

In the face of the coming students returning to school and resuming classes, there is a large flow of people at the gate of the school. This set of temperature detection thermal imager equipment has the characteristics of high speed and high precision, which not only reduces the workload of measuring body temperature, but also avoids crowd intensive contact to the greatest extent, and provides a more powerful digital guarantee for school epidemic prevention and control.

     Wang dianyong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone, accepted the donation on behalf of the development zone. He said that during this special period, he was very grateful to all the employees of SDMIX for their love donations, which brought warmth and anti epidemic confidence to the development zone and schools in the area. The development zone will also present all these materials to the education office to make full preparations for the start of school.  

    Everyone has a responsibility in the face of the epidemic. No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come. Shandong Mix Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. does not forget its original heart, transmits love, gives back to the society with its own practical actions, and makes its own contribution to the fight against the epidemic. We always firmly believe that as long as we unite as one, fight the "epidemic" together and form a hard core force to win the battle, the victory will certainly belong to us!

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