KTSA/BKTSA/B concrete mixer

Compact, intelligent, safe, low noise and reliable. This series of double horizontal shaft concrete mixers can mix various labeled concrete, light aggregate concrete and mortar, which is suitable for commercial concrete mixing stations, various engineering stations, prefabricated parts enterprises, etc.

Applicable working conditions
  • Commercial concrete mixing station
  • Engineering station
  • Technical features
  • Equipment parameters
  • Engineering cases
  • Similar recommendations
Technical features

1. Compact: It takes up less space and is convenient for production, transportation and installation;
2. Intelligent: fully automatic lubrication, independent pump core, pressure balance, good sealing;
3. Safety: Safety switches and emergency stop switches are both safe, with a high safety factor.
4. Low noise: planetary reducer, small size;
5. Reliable: The new shaft end seal has good performance and long service life.

equipment parameters
Feed   capacity(L)1500175022503000375045005300600067509000
Output capacity(L)1000125015002000250030003500400045006000
Maximum particle size(mm)80/10080/10080/10080/10080/10080/12080/12080/15080/150150/180
Motor power(KW)18.5x222x230x237x245x255x255x275x275x255x4
Stirring time(s)≤30≤30≤30≤30≤30≤30≤30≤30≤30≤30
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