MCXMCX vertical shaft planetary mixer

It is suitable for high-speed rail special prefabricated structural parts, pc prefabricated parts and civil engineering construction sites. The newly developed multi-motor vertical shaft mixer is suitable for high-speed rail special prefabricated structural parts, pipe piles, sleepers, tiles and other manufacturing enterprises, as well as various civil engineering construction sites and commercial concrete mixing stations.

Applicable working conditions
  • High-speed rail
  • Prefabricated parts
  • Technical features
  • Equipment parameters
  • Engineering cases
  • Similar recommendations
Technical features

1. High efficiency: Planetary blades rotate at the same time, and the stirring speed is 30% faster than that of ordinary vertical axis planetary mixers.
2. High wear resistance: the stirring blade adopts ultra-high chromium wear-resistant alloy cast iron, and the begging plate is made of high chromium wear-resistant alloy cast iron, with good wear resistance and long service life.
3. Easy to transport: The mixing cylinder adopts a split structure, which reduces the transportation size. All specifications can be transported through standard containers.
4. Easy to maintain: The upper part of the mixing cylinder body and the inspection door are equipped with polyethylene lining boards, which can effectively prevent mortar from adhesion and facilitate cleaning.
5. Smarter:

(1) Coagulant humidity detection sensors and metres can be installed to facilitate the detection of concrete consistency;
(2) A rotating high-pressure nozzle with a self-protection system and automatic opening can be installed without dead angles, so that all tanks can be thoroughly cleaned.

equipment parameters
model numberMCX1000MCX1500MCX2000MCX3000
Feeding capacity(L)1500225030004500
Output capacity(L)1000150020003000
number of planets2233
Main motor power(KW)2×222×303×303×37
Motor power(KW)333×23×2
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