MK40MK40 concrete mixer

Efficient, reliable, fuel-saving, large volume, easy to maintain. The spiral blade design accelerates the overall circulation flow of the mixing material, which can not only realize the circular movement and the axial countercurrent movement, but also form a radial countercurrent movement to improve the mixing quality and efficiency of concrete.

Applicable working conditions
  • Engineering station
  • Commercial concrete mixing station
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Technical features

(1) More efficient: double spiral belt blade arrangement, fuller stirring, time-saving and low consumption;
(2) More reliable: the shaft end adopts an oil-free seal and a sprocket chain coupling;
(3) More fuel-efficient: The oil-absorbing pumping station is designed to replace the traditional lubricating oil pump, saving more than 85% of the fuel.
(4) Low resistance: screw pitch design, reduce resistance and reduce material accumulation;
(5) Large volume: the tank is lengthened, widened and raised, and the large arc plate, end plate and bar plate are thickened, with better strength and larger volume.
(6) Fast unloading: lengthen, widen and strengthen the unloading door, adopt pneumatic (hydraulic) mode, unload faster.
(7) Easy to maintain: the top cover is thickened, and it is more convenient to observe the maintenance platform. The inspection port is equipped with a polyurethane board, which is non-stick.
(8) Long-term warranty: The fragile parts adopt more advanced casting processes and materials, which can guarantee 15 million cans and have a lifespan of 3 times that of ordinary mixers.

equipment parameters
model numberMK30MK35MK40MK45MK50
Feeding capacity(L)45005300600067507500
Output capacity(L)30003500400045005000
Motor power(KW)55×265×275×275×290×2
Maximum particle size(mm)8080808080
Stirring time(s)≤30≤30≤30≤30≤30
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