FL20FL20 concrete recycling station

It is suitable for commercial concrete batching plant (building), cleaning of precast components and concrete mixing truck on large construction site, sand and stone recycling. It is used in commercial concrete mixing plant (building) site, car washing and reuse of waste slurry water.

Applicable working conditions
  • Mixing station
  • Concrete recycling station
  • Technical features
  • Equipment parameters
  • Engineering cases
  • Similar recommendations
Technical features

1. System composition
HS20 concrete recycling station is mainly composed of concrete sand and gravel separator, filter press, sewage mixing device and electric control system;
2. Technical parameters
Maximum concrete processing capacity: 20m³/h;
Three, working principle
1. Realize the initial separation of sand and gravel material and water through the concrete gravel separator;
2. Prevent the precipitation of fine particles and cement in the sewage by mixing the sewage, so as to achieve sewage utilization and secondary sewage treatment the goal of;
3. The filter press can achieve secondary filtration of sewage, and can separate fine particles such as cement from water again;

equipment parameters
Separation ability(t/h)Discharge speedr/minWater pump flow(m³/h)Flushing pump flow(m³/h)Motor Power(kw)
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