CBJCBJ cement unpacking conveyor

This product is a continuous unpacking and conveying equipment integrating belt conveying and feeding, bagged cement unpacking, bag and cement separation, and bag and cement conveying. It is applicable to areas without bulk cement supply and areas where bagged cement is widely used.

Applicable working conditions
  • Various engineering stations
  • Commercial concrete mixing station
  • Technical features
  • Equipment parameters
  • Engineering cases
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Technical features

Environmental protection: This equipment is equipped with a professional pulse dust collector, which can realize dust-free unpacking and avoid pollution to the human body and the environment.
High efficiency: This equipment is continuous operation, with high unpacking and conveying efficiency, no residue, and good unpacking effect.
Convenience: This equipment adopts a button-type electric control box to operate nearby, which is intuitive, simple and convenient for maintenance.

equipment parameters
Belt conveyor bandwidth500mm
Belt conveyor power2.2kW
Screening power4kW
Feeding screw machine power4kW
Feeding screw machine power1.5kW
Unpacking device power2×1.1kW
Dust removal device power1.5kW
Total Weight3600kg
Dimensions(Working status:L×W×H)mm: 9000X1700X3820
Theoretical productivitySee note
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