MSMS Energy saving practical concrete mixer

MS energy-saving practical concrete mixer is suitable for commercial mixing stations and engineering stations - stable, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendl

Applicable working conditions
  • Engineering station
  • Commercial mixing station
  • Technical features
  • Engineering cases
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Technical features

1. Energy saving:
(1) Energy-saving motors can save about 10% of electricity consumption;
(2) Floating mechanical seal at the shaft end to save lubricants;
(3) Pneumatic discharge to save energy consumption;

2. Reliable:
(1) The motor has strong overload resistance, low noise and reliable operation;
(2) Extender and increase the scraper to stir more evenly and efficiently;
(3) Stability and reliability of shaft end seals.

3. Economy:
(1) The tank structure has been optimised, which is more economical and practical under the premise of ensuring tank performance;
(2) Pneumatic discharge, economical and durable, simple structure and low failure rate;
(3) Equipped with manual lubricant pump. ( Optional electric centralised lubrication pump):
(4) The main parts are highly versatile and easy to use and maintain.

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